18 December 2013 - Read a review from the Henley Herald
Lynne was recently included in a review of the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common by the Henley Herald. You can read the full review in the Media Section of this website.
14 December 2013 - Lynne announces new shows for 2014
Lynne has announced a number of new shows for 2014. Head over to the Gigs Page to see where she is appearing. More to follow.
14 December 2013 - Book a place on Lynne's yodelling January workshop
You can now head over to the shop and book your place on Lynne's Yodelling workshop which takes place on January 4th 2014. Price is 30 and places are very limited.
14 December 2013 - New Yodelling workshop confirmed for January 2014
Lynne has confirmed another of her extremely popular Yodelling workshops. The workshop will take place on January 4th 2014 priced 30. There are limited places available and more details can be found here.
14 December 2013 - Check out 'A Yodelling Xmas song' and do your bit for charity
Check out Lynne's youtube video for 'A yodeling Christmas Song'. Monies from the downloaded song goes to charity. Another yodelling workshop has been added - 4th January. Also, Lynne's yodelling workshops are now available for Corporate Team Building Events. A great way to build confidence, lose inhibitions and and have loads of fun as a team! Fun and giggles guaranteed! For further details on both of these please visit http://www.yodellynne.com.

02 October 2013 - Lynne announces yodelling workshops
By popular demand Lynne has decided to run two yodelling workshops during November - for further information and to book please visit http://www.yodellynne.com.
02 October 2013 - Lynne is no longer hosting Bluegrass Radio Show
Lynne is not longer hosting a bluegrass show on http://www.ukcountryradio.com due to work commitments but it's a great radio station so it's worth stopping by to listen to.
13 April 2013 - Buy tickets for Lynne's gigs here
You can now buy tickets for Lynne's shows on the 29th June and the 5th October via Paypal through Lynne's online shop. Remember to pick up her albums as well while you're there!!
04 April 2013 - Lynne is in the running for a Listener's Award
Hi all. Lynne's wacky 'A Yodelling Christmas Song' is in the running for the Listener's Award on UKcountryradio.com and it would be really appreciated if you could lend some help - if you feel so inclined, please vote for Lynne to try to get her into the top three if possible. For more information as to how to vote, please stop by http://www.ukcountryradio.com/award.php. Any help will be appreciated.

Check out the new Youtube link added in the 'media' section. For a little giggle watch Lynne yodelling at the Cornbury Festival with the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common.
20 March 2013 - Lynne adds loads of new shows and events to calendar
Lynne has added a whole load of new shows and radio appearances to her calendar right through until October so head over to the Gigs page of the website and check out where you can see Lynne play.

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