13 April 2013 - Buy tickets for Lynne's gigs here
You can now buy tickets for Lynne's shows on the 29th June and the 5th October via Paypal through Lynne's online shop. Remember to pick up her albums as well while you're there!!
04 April 2013 - Lynne is in the running for a Listener's Award
Hi all. Lynne's wacky 'A Yodelling Christmas Song' is in the running for the Listener's Award on UKcountryradio.com and it would be really appreciated if you could lend some help - if you feel so inclined, please vote for Lynne to try to get her into the top three if possible. For more information as to how to vote, please stop by http://www.ukcountryradio.com/award.php. Any help will be appreciated.

Check out the new Youtube link added in the 'media' section. For a little giggle watch Lynne yodelling at the Cornbury Festival with the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common.
20 March 2013 - Lynne adds loads of new shows and events to calendar
Lynne has added a whole load of new shows and radio appearances to her calendar right through until October so head over to the Gigs page of the website and check out where you can see Lynne play.
19 March 2013 - Latest news from Lynne
Lynne's bluegrass radio shows are back every other week on www.ukcountryradio.com on Thursdays at 8pm for an hour promoting European bluegrass music - see the 'gig guide' for details.

A whole load more dates have now been put up for 2013 which include the pre-school music group on a Wednesday morning that Lynne runs in Stoke Row Village Hall from 10.00am. Just drop in for a lively 45 minute music session followed by complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits. All fabulous fun and the mums also consider it a work out too!!! What more could you want?

Also, she now has a brand new One Woman Show with some fancy gadgetry to add fantastic dynamics. During the show she plays the Double Bass, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar!

By popular demand, on Saturday October 5th Lynne Butler and the Voodoo Katz - www.voodookatz.co.uk will be hosting a non-stop evening of Rock n Roll music - all your favourites from the 50's and 60's. Please stop by the Voodoo Katz website to find out details of where else they are playing in your area. Both Lynne and the Voodoo Katz are available for private bookings - weddings, birthday etc. If you book both together you get a great deal on price and entertainment as the music will be non-stop throughout your special evening.

Lynne can also be booked to sing your favourite hymn or song in church on your special day. Most requested are Ave Maria and Amazing Grace but any song can be performed. For further details of full day wedding packages see 'services' tab

Don't forget that Lynne is featured on The Cornbury Festival 2012 CD and she and her son are also on Joe Brown's latest album as part of the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common. Both great albums!!!! All Lynne's music is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3.
12 December 2012 - Details of Lynne's two Christmas songs
Lynne has now released 2 Christmas singles and they are now available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. They are being played on BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxfordshire as well as http://www.ukcountryradio.com and http://www.bishop.fm. Once is a beautiful Christmas Lullaby to relax you into the Christmas Spirit and one is a fun Yodelling Christmas song - packed with lots of silliness - fabulous Alpine fun. Both songs have Gay and Alan Cooper on it - the Wallingford Bell ringers from Britian's Got Talent. Lynne's son and his friends are also providing the backing vocals as well as Helen 'Aitch' Mcrobbie and Sam Brown in playing accordian.

New gig dates have been added and look out for her tour in the Spring.

The links to buy the tracks are below:

A Yodelling Christmas Song : BUY HERE

Christmas Lullaby : Christmas Lullaby

17 October 2012 - A quick update from Lynne
Joe Brown's new album 'The Ukulele Album' is due to be released on 5th November 2012. As part of the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common, both Lynne and her son George are on it. The club was invited to record several songs on the album last Christmas with Mr Joe Brown OBE. What an honour indeed! http://joebrown.co.uk

Due to work commitments Lynne has temporarily halted her radio shows until the new year apart from the Christmas specials. For details of these please visit www.ukcountryradio.com
19 August 2012 - Music Makers returns in September
Back by popular demand Music Makers re-starts on Wednesday 12th September 2012. See 'services' tab for more details.

21 April 2012 - Lynne confirms more shows
Lynne has added a couple more dates to her diary. Check them out and keep checking back for updates on where you can see Lynne play.
12 March 2012 - Lynne confirms more shows
Lynne has confirmed more shows including an appearance at the 2012 Cornbury Festival. Details in the Calendar section.
20 February 2012 - More dates added to Calendar
Lynne has added more dates in April and September to her diary. Head over to the gigs section for full details of where Lynne will be appearing.

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