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Lynne Butler singing Frank Ifield's Taught me to Yodel at Cornbury Festival with the International Ukuele Club of Sonning Common

A Yodelling Christmas Song


Henley Herald, 13 December 2013
"The Kenton Theatre has turned into planet Ukuleletron." said Sam Brown when she introduced the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common on Thursday night. Sam added, "We probably sound like aliens from another planet" and then did a great impression of a ukulele alien! Sam's chat and banter with the audience between the songs is so quick witted she could easily have another career as a stand up comedian.

The band opened the show with an old song 'I haven't told her, she hasn't told me' and Sam was delighted to introduce her brother; Pete Brown on guitar, Mike Nichols on double bass and Phil Calpaldi on percussion to support them. During the evening a number of band members took up the mic to sing solo including the surprises of the night - Clive Wilkinson, Henley's Youth Centre Manager who sang 'Rocket Man' brilliantly by David Bowie and Megan Henwood's Mum, Lucie Henwood singing 'Ukulele Lady' who can sing a note or too herself. Megan should be very proud.

The club started just over three years ago in Sam's living room and their first gig was for a handful of people at Harpsden Village Hall. They've come along way since then, selling the Kenton out twice this year alone. They also now have giant ukuleles for their back drop which were kindly made by Alan Wilson and have the initials F.U.C which Sam delighted the audience in telling them it really stood for 'Fantastic Ukulele Club'.

The band's set always includes a gig range of different musical genres from 'Elvis Just Left the Building' by Frank Zappa to 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles to 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead! There were also some special guests on Thursday night - Annie Parker who did a great flute solo in 'Californian Dreamin' and Lynne Butler who did some fantastic yodelling which really got the audience going.

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I'm Blue

BBC Breakfast TV - discussing the art of yodelling

A Yodelling Xmas Song by Lynne Butler

Lynne Butler singing Frank Ifield's Taught me to Yodel in Paris 2014 with the International Ukulele Club of Sonning Common

Giant Boulder Of Death

The Ukulele Explosion in Oxfordshire

Lynne Butler performing Older Woman

Lonley Goat Herd - Fabulous Ukulele Club of Sonning common

Taken from Talk To The Face

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